Adventure In Understanding

A program of the Rotary Club of Peterborough- Kawartha

The “Adventure in Understanding” program is an annual six day ( five night) cultural canoe experience for young  First Nation and non-native youth ages sixteen to eighteen years old.

It is a co-ed canoe voyage along the Trent Severn Waterway from Beavermead Park in Peterborough to Curve Lake First Nation.

The program was developed by the Rotary Club of Peterborough Kawartha with the assistance of the Curve Lake First Nation Youth Committee and is offered with the co-operation of Camp Kawartha and the Canadian Canoe Museum.


  1. Sunday Arrival

Paddlers (plus family, guests, Rotarians) and equipment arrive at Beavermead approximately 1PM

Opening ceremony/introductions  Leaders

Family, guests, Rotarians leave Beavermead

Eskimo blanket toss

Paddlers move to Ecology Park for a private time to begin the experience and choose a tree to take to Curve Lake for final event.

Paddlers leave Beavermead, travel over Peterborough Liftlock and up canal to Camp Kawartha Outdoor Center at Trent university.

Evening “Water Teaching” in Trent teepee by Curve Lake elder Dorothy Taylor


Adventures in Understanding-pic from 2016

  1. Monday

Morning spent at Trent with First Peoples’ House of Learning DSCF1167

Paddle up the Otonabee river to Lakefield DSCF1203

Public event and soapstone carving at Lakefield Camp Grounds (from Lou – group around picnic table)

Evening spent on Lakefield College School grounds DSCF1190


  1. Tuesday

Cross Katchewanooka and Clear Lakes as well as Young’s Point lock before arrival at Camp Kawartha DSCF1250

Climbing wall and First Nation games and activities DSCF1236

  1. Wednesday

First Nation sports at Camp Kawartha before departure for Burleigh Falls and bus to Petroglyphs for teaching by Anne Taylor, Cultural Archivist Curve Lake First Nation

entering Burleigh Falls lock( 2 from Don)

Return to Burleigh Falls and paddle Lovesick Lake to Wolf Island Provincial Park for overnight DSCF1243

  1. Thursday

Paddle Lower and Upper Buckhorn Lakes to Curve Lake Pow wow grounds for overnight

Arrival greeted by hand drumming

Drumming with Curve Lake youth during the evening

Wild Rice teaching by James Whetung of Black Duck Wild Rice

  1. Friday (pictures from Lynne Chant – group & high kick & tree planting group & morning campfire

Pack up camp

Traditional games and Inuit teaching by Kristen Kownak from Baker Lake  sitting around morning campfire

Celebration feast provided by Curve Lake First Nation and closing remarks

Ceremonial tree planting

Event ends approx. 1:30PM

Application forms and further information are available at Contact: Rotarian Don Watkins at

A 4 minute YouTube piece prepared by Cogeco TV about the 2016 trip is available at :

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